Sleep and Hypnotherapy

There are so many common sleep problems prevalent today.  Struggling to settle to sleep, waking during the night, feeling less than good in the morning and difficulty getting up and getting going.

There are many things that can affect our emotions and anxiety and general ability to relax – which will consequently affect our ability to sleep well. During our day and our week we usually load quite a lot of “stuff” into our stress bucket. If our sleep and our REM sleep don’t keep up with processing that “stuff” we can have an overload, which can either prevent us getting to sleep or wake us up and make it difficult to go back to sleep. Hypnotherapy techniques are particularly effective at reducing stress levels, enabling and strengthening the mechanisms that process all the “stuff” - inducing relaxation and re-establishing good waking and sleep patterns.

In hypnotherapy, each session lasts for an hour and contains around 25 minutes of hypnosis which encourages Rapid Eye Movement to occur. This allows stress bucket levels to drop.  In turn, the brain learns these patterns and sleep improves.  We are really just re-establishing the sleep patterns and neural pathways that were working ok before they were disrupted.

A course of hypnotherapy sessions, each lasting an hour - and some commitment from you! - is designed to help ease and overcome insomnia and enable restful nights of sleep.

For more information on how we can help you to sleep better and longer, contact Fiona or call her on 01275 810200.