It was interesting to hear how the brain works, and to finish off with a relaxation was great to just rest and de-stress. I really enjoyed it!

A very interesting and relaxing session – I definitely felt the benefits of the relaxation in particular after what was quite a hectic day in and out of the office.
J Collins

People I work with have commented how calm and helpful I am.
I am the happiest I have ever been. I can’t remember ever being this happy.
I know this doesn’t sound original – but you have changed my life.
My husband says, whatever I’m on – can we go down to half doses.

I feel stronger and I’m sleeping better.
I used to feel really nervous. In important and stressful situations now I don’t crack up, I can conduct myself as I want to. In a tough meeting last week I was really proud of myself. It is so helpful.

Thanks for your commitment, kindness, patience, expertise, perception and quiet optimism.

I would just like to say a big “THANK YOU” for helping me to sort things out through your hypnotherapy sessions. I would like you to know that I was stuck in a rut and could not get my mind clear to think about my next move. The hypnosis sessions that I had with you helped me to relax and think much more clearly about my goals and how to achieve them. I would recommend the sessions to anyone who cannot see clearly how to move forward. Your explanation of how the brain works was fascinating and now I understand so much more. Thank you

The information was very interesting, in fact rather eye-opening. It really captured the attention and resonates in your thoughts. The relaxation session was superb and leaves you feeling calm yet re energised. It has really made me fully appreciate how important it is to look after ourselves and our brain and has created a new energy and approach to how to do this.
N Philip


I was a very skeptical patient but my daughter and wife had noticed how very negative I had become and I was finding it hard to drum up any interest.  I had also had a long standing phobia of being in a lift or public toilets with locks.  This had become quite a worry.  Fiona worked hard on my negativity and phobias, never giving any indication of giving up.  Since the sessions I feel much brighter, more interested in everyday life and to top it all - I have been in a lift on my own and am not worried about locking toilet doors!  Fiona said I can call for any top-up sessions but because of all the coping strategies and understanding of how the brain works I probably won't need to.

William Smith